Writing Smoother Paragraphs – Three Tips For Online Marketers

If you are writing articles for distribution online, and want your articles to be read fully, fully distributed, and listed on, then you will want to incorporate this information into your writing. When you place these tips in your writing tools arsenal, and start implementing one or more of these tips, your writing can become smoother, and your reader will have an easier time to read through your paragraphs. The three tips are: Indicate the relationship between sentences and paragraphs, Stick to a single noun or pronoun, and verb form, and, finally, Place your main point at the very beginning of the paragraph. Let's look at these tips individually.

Indicate the Relationship Between Sentences and Paragraphs

Indication of the relationship between sentences and paragraphs is always optional. Sometimes, when you want to achieve a harsher, punctuated effect, you may not want to indicate any relationships but instead just come out with the separate facts in separate sentences or paragraphs. But to help the reader and to make your transitions between sentences and between paragraphs smoother, you may want to indicate transitions.

To indicate the relationship between sentences you could use words that suggest continuity, such as "in addition", "similarly", "furthermore", or just plain "and." You could use words that suggest reversal, such as "otherwise", "permanent", "suddenheless." To suggest conclusion of the paragraph, you could use words like "in summary", "that", "after all", "in short", "in brief." To indicate the relationship to the upcoming paragraph, you could use words like "but not only …, you will also need to know …"

Stick to a Single Noun or Pronoun and Verb Form

To write a paragraph about a single person or single subject that reads more smoothly, keep the same name, or noun, or name-substitute, or pronoun, in all sentences. Use he, she, it, them, they, etc. deliberately, but try not to introduce alternative names or nouns for the subject of the paragraph. The readability will improve and your paragraph will flow more smoothly.

Likewise, sticking with the same verb form like using future tense consistently, or using the question form consistently, improves the readability of your paragraph. As the other tips, this tip is optional, and you may break the rule if your story requires a change of the verb form in a single paragraph.

Place Your Main Point at the Very Beginning of the Paragraph

As a final tip, placing your main point at the very beginning of the paragraph will focus your paragraph tremendously. Imagine making a point and having it stand there all by itself. Your writing will improve when you decide to use this tip consistently. You will be forced to decide on what the strong point is ahead of time. Then you will be forced to place it as the first sentence of the paragraph, and you will observe it as it stands there, all by itself. Your main point better be a strong point. It is easy once this "will the point stand alone?" test is done, to add sentences that support the main point through the paragraph. Each of the supporting sentence will refer to the main point which will in turn make your paragraph more readable and smoother.

So that does it. Three writing tips to write your paragraphs to be flowing smoothly. Now that you know these tips, you can use them in your article writing, or in your product pages online. So why not write your next article using all these tips for your paragraphs: Indicate the relationships between the sentences within a paragraph, indicate the relationships to the approaching paragraph, stick to single noun and verb form within an article, and finally, be sure to place your main point at the very beginning of the paragraph. See if your article writing becomes faster and easier that way.

Source by Jason Stark

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