Why YouTube is a Marketer's Best Friend

Home business owners everywhere are looking for ways to find new customers and turn a profit. Many have turned to web 2.0 as a way of doing it. Networking online using Tagged, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Ryze, and YouTube are some of the options home business owners are turning to for free leads.

The idea is to meet people that are like minded. Many work at home moms have found that networking online with social media allows them to have the social connection that working from home does not allow. It also allows them to share tips and ideas on how to balance family responsibilities with their own business.

So, what is it about social media that makes things work. It's the Personal Branding. Many, do not understand personal branding. I've been doing it since 2002 and use it daily in my Global Resorts business. When you think about real estate, who comes to mind? Donald Trump. When you think about TV talk shows, you think about Oprah, and when you think about basketball, you think about Michael Jordan.

When it comes to social media, YouTube has become one of the best places to market because it brings in a new way to become more real. Video. We all have our favorite family videos and now you can share those first steps your son takes, and show that you were there because of your home business.

It works well for those who are looking to build a travel business or become a home travel agent. While your having fun traveling with friends and family, you simply record the events with your video camera. When you get back home, you edit and post to YouTube.

When it comes to what type of video to record, one of the first should be the "Why you joined" video. This simple project should be easy as you know why you joined, and your simply going to share what got you interested in your company. In my case, I joined Global Resorts because I love to travel, I love a great value, and Global Resorts Perpetual Leverage pay plan allows associates to earn a viable income in a reasonable amount of time. I use the Global Sales Center as a tool to free me from having to learn to sell and it also eliminated the learning curve, which is the # 1 reason people quit a home business.

When I put together my YouTube channel, my objective was to share my 20 plus years of knowledge with people considering Global Resorts Network or the Global Sales Center . The process has worked well. Hosting your website's welcome video on YouTube allows you to bring your personal website up to date, but also brings you more views. I love what my Global Resorts YouTube channel does for my business.

To be successful working from home, it's important to incorporate YouTube into your marketing.
It will allow people to get to know you better, you'll have another marketing tool, and it's fun.
Share this article with your team members and see how quickly your network marketing, home party and work from home business grows.

Source by Jay NaPier

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