What Is Entrepreneurship?

Dr. Kathleen Allen, Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Southern California, defines entrepreneurship as a personal thing, about having a passion for doing something you love!

Entrepreneurs like doing things that have not been done before, or done before successfully! They are opportunistic, creative, innovative, always looking for new ideas and definitely not flustered by change.

The key word in the entrepreneur's vocabulary is change!

Dealing with change is what entrepreneurs do best. With change comes opportunity. Entrepreneurship, for decades, has been regarded as a process for starting a new business.

Today we know that entrepreneurship is about a very specific mindset, an opportunistic spirit, driven by innovation and creativity. The entrepreneurial mindset and spirit, innovation and creativity, are all developed by opportunity that is created by change!

Opportunities are useless if you can not turn them into useful and successful business concepts.

You will find that being small and flexible has very distinct advantages and that you do not have to be big to have a global presence.

It is the customer who defines business, who decides what product and service is important and this will ultimately determine the success!

Your ability or relationships to develop and maintain healthy relationships with your employees and your customers will contribute to your success as an entrepreneur!

Only your best will be good enough if you want to be smarter and stay ahead of your opposition.

Running your own business most probably will be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.

Feel free to share the knowledge. Looking forward to your return … all the best.

Source by Shaun Douglas

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