Want to Make Money From Home Online? Start Now As a Successful Internet Marketer

So you probably want to make money from home online. I am going to share my personal experience about one of the best work at home programs available. It's called Wealthy Affiliate.

What is WA? Wealthy Affiliate is an online community of internet marketers. The members range from beginners to very advanced. It was created by Kyle and Carson. These two men are determined to build the largest community of internet marketers.

What will WA do for you?

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the fundamentals of how to learn internet marketing. WA provides an eight week action plan. Some say this plan was devised because people feel overwhelmed by information when they first join a program. With the eight week action plan you do not feel like you're in over your head. You learn small amounts every week and you are given tasks for each week. After each week you are a step closer to becoming a successful internet marketer.

What is included in Wealthy Affiliate? WA provides a members only forum. This is a place for all members to come share there experiences and successes. You can also get help from many people within the forum. The great thing about the forum is that Kyle and Carson get in and help people that are struggling with internet marketing. I have heard people say that if the only thing included in the membership was the forum it would be worth every dime. It is such a powerful tool and its great for everyone, from the beginners to the very successful.

You also get a number of tools and outside resources within WA and you can view those by visiting the site below

So is WA a Scam? I believe no. I have tried numerous work at home programs. Each one was a complete fail. I would run into a problem and never received any support or help from the owners. WA is completely different. I have learned so much from there guides and tutorials. If I run across a problem I get it resolved within minutes in the forum. I have heard the same story from many of the other members. Almost every person that joins WA says they can see a big difference.

Source by Elizabeth Machado

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