Tips and Tricks for Women Entrepreneurs

These five tips for women entrepreneurs that will help you immensely on getting funds:

1. Think BIG

Oh dear, there is nothing inspiring about thinking small. Be (or become) a high-impact entrepreneur. That means: Find a problem that affects a lot of people and solve that problem. Put the destination before the journey so you can get there, align interests, and recruit talent. Stay away from local or small goals to create your business model. If you are a woman entrepreneur seeking funds: DO NOT THINK SMALL.

2. Manage by DATA

Thinking artsy? think again. Define what Data you need to know if you are getting closer or further from your goals, or if you need to modify them. That means: Create KPI (key performance indicators) that are aligned with the goal of your organization, and establish key milestones that help you focus and feel accomplished. Stay away from unsubstantiated information that might as well be a paradigm waiting to be broken.If you are a woman entrepreneur seeking funds: DO NOT MANAGE BY INTUITION

3. Work on Design and Strategy

Boy (I mean girl) that is a hard one. Work ON the business, not IN the business. That means: make your job redundant continuously, learn the basics enough to supervise early on, but quickly hire talent and move to think strategically. Every minute used on doing the work is a minute wasted to think strategically. Stay away from repetitive tasks, use technology or outsource it. If you are a woman entrepreneur seeking funds: GO BEYOND GETTING THE WORK DONE.

4. Become Known

Shake out the boy's club or the men's club. Nurture relationships, everything is right about professional and personal connections. That means: be (or become) a reputable expert in your field, deliver value in your conversations, help and ask for help, and be grateful. It is not what you do but who you are. Stay away from feeling sorry that you are not remembered or recognized, be useful. If you are a woman entrepreneur seeking funds: DO NOT RELY ONLY ON YOUR NETWORK.

5. Be Irreverent

Rejection does not measure your value. Keep your inner voice as more important than other's opinion of you. That means: accept feedback and listen very attentively when someone tells you something you do not want to hear, then filter appropriate from relevant feedback, and then decided if you accept that feedback. Stay away from making quick judgments without asking enough questions or having data, and accept that no everyone agreements with you. Rejection does not define you, it is an opinion about an idea. Use "What do you mean ?." It is a wonderful question. If you are a woman entrepreneur seeking funds: DO NOT PURSUE REINFORCEMENT.


Trust Yourself

A pat in the back does not help you move forward. Yes, failing sucks, and crying can be an option, but retrain yourself to step up. The opposite of success is not failure, it is inaction. That means: shift from victim to hero, life does not happen to you, you happen to life. Trust your capacity to solve challenges. Stay away from (other's) fear from (your) success. Find the relevant support to help you overcome your challenges instead. If you are a woman entrepreneur seeking funds: DO NOT SEEK COMPASSION.

Source by Alicia Castillo

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