The Power of Leverage For Online Marketers

So what is one of the keys to making BIG money on the internet – or big money in any other field for that matter? What allows some to work very little but make so much? It's not really an 'online' secret – but the internet and online marketing is a fantastic application of it.

It's the power of Leverage!

One of the most powerful concepts you can learn to create financial freedom is that it takes more than hard work and determination to reach the highest levels – it requires leverage.

So if it's so important – what is leverage? Well, leverage is defined as: influence, power, force, control, pull or weight. Simply put, leverage is doing more and more with less and less.

Less of what? Less time … less effort … less energy … less worry … less investment.

More of what? More income … more results … more value … more free time.

See, this is one of those concepts that separates the poor and middle class from the wealthy.

The wealthy employ people to work for them and therefore leverage the productivity of those workers to improve their business. They trade a smaller wage or salary paid to those workers for a greater return in terms of profit as a result of their efforts – while NOT doing the work themselves.

The wealth invest and allow those investments and the interest (others paying to use that money) or share value (others working in their business for profits) to increase their overall value position. Again, they are leveraging what they have in a system that gives them back more (usually) without them having to 'work for it'. I guess you could call it passive income.

In either case you can see the power of leverage. The employer or investor did not spend any more time to gain the benefit of both his employees work, the interest accumulation or share value increase! The wealthy use leverage in many ways without limit – therefore gaining more and more – doing less and less.

Yes, there is always risk involved and sometimes the result is affected by market conditions, world economy, etc., but the principal still holds.

If you're trading your TIME for MONEY, you can only exchange about 14-15 hours a day and only earn so much. Depending upon what industry you work in that may be a small amount or a larger amount – but it's still limited. Have you ever considered that you are literally selling your life!

So, you are not a business owner or have any real funds to 'invest'. What if you start to LEVERAGE your time and implement online marketing "systems" set up that run on their own? I believe there's actually no limit to how much you can earn.

While leverage is a powerful tool in all walks of life and enterprise – I believe it's best application is used to earn money online. There's no better place from the internet (which is open 24/7 – year around & worldwide), to implement leakage through automated marketing systems that work for you day and night, weekend and weekday.

So … the true secret to achieving financial freedom is not to get a great job, but to learn how to leverage your life. Learn how to leverage your time and money. Learn how to leverage your talents and skills. With the internet at your finger tips it's possible for you to earn money online in greater and greater amounts – just add a little leverage and stir.

Source by MD Crosson

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