Supercharge Your Article Marketing and Article Writing

Are your articles not getting enough attention online? Are you not experiencing great benefits from distributing your articles? Then, let me help you supercharge your article marketing techniques through these 4 phenomenal methods:

1. If your articles are not being opened, that would only mean one thing; your titles are not attention-grabbing and interesting enough to get online users to take a second look at your content. What you need to do is to make your titles head-turners. You can easily do this by making them intriguing, well-written, highly descriptive, and striking. You may opt to tell your readers ahead of time what kind of information is in store for them or give them a summary of your content. Do not forget to use keywords on your titles so your articles will show up on relevant searches.

2. If your articles are being opened but your readers are not clicking on your resource box, that would tell you that your readers are not satisfied with your content. Load up your articles with detailed and complete information about your chosen topic. If needed, offer information that can help your readers resolve their pressing issues or improve the quality of their lives. It would also help if you can make sure that your articles are well-written and that your ideas flow smoothly so you can make it easier for your readers to get the message you are trying to get across. It is also important that you use the inverted pyramid technique to promote further reading.

3. If your articles are well-written and if your titles are captivating but you can not still drive enough traffic to your website, check the number of your articles. If you just posted 20-50 articles online, then you can not really expect 100,000 additional page views per day. To increase your traffic, you must be willing to increase the number of your copies. You can easily do this by spending more time writing your articles or getting several ghostwriters (from freelancing sites) who can certainly help you augment the number of your articles in no time.

4. If your readers are clicking on your resource box but you can not seem to augment your sales potential, I would recommend that you drive your traffic to your squeeze page. You need to understand that most of your first time visitors will not immediately make a purchase. You will need to build a trusting business relationship with these people first before you can get them to shell out their money on your offers. So, it is important that you obtain their contact information first before you give them access to the information they need.

Source by Sean Mize

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