Marketing Your Business Using the Best Marketing Hardware

Whether your a multi-national high street brand on the busiest high street or a small business in the back streets of a small town, the marketing hardware you will use to display your promotional materials should be closely matched.

So, you may be thinking what do these multi-national companies use? Well, there is a wide range of equipment that could be using. Let's go into the different promotional hardware all businesses on the high street should be using.

Poster Frames
A snap frame is basically a large picture frame that can be easily accessed so marketing material can be quickly and efficiently changed when needed. The name 'snap' refers to the way the frame opens up. The metallic frame snaps open when you want to put up a new poster and then snaps shut to securely put the poster in place. The snap frame can then be locked depending on the type of snap frame you have.

Snap frames are usually found on the walls of retail establishments, pubs and clubs because the frames can be locked to stop people pulling out any of the marketing material. Snap frames can come in any color and they can also be wooden snap frames too. If you are in the retail industry, then snap frames are a must to display your marketing material.

Pavement Signs
Pavement signs are one for the high street. You will usually see them outside cafés, bars, shops and restaurants tempting to pull you in from the pavement. There are many different variations of the pavement sign and one variation is the A board and these can be bought in any color. An A board is named because it looks like an A when mounted on the pavement. One of the most common sights on the high street is the chalkboard pavement sign. This is because there is no need for printed material therefore reducing costs while making sure the sign is up to date and displaying the latest prices and information. The chalk board is a common sight outside coffee shops and cafés because their pricing and offerings frequently change.

Another variation of the pavement sign is the swinger sign. The name says it all really, these are commonly found outside garages and petrol stations because the wind can make them swing around. The aluminum sheet in that is the backboard for the marketing material is the part that swings in the wind.

Light Boxes
This is where the title of this Lens comes from. Light boxes literally display your business in a different light. They brighten up the marketing and make it a lot more visible for passing customers to see. Light boxes come in a wide range of sizes from A5 to A0. You will usually see the large light boxes in cinemas, casino's and pubs. They can be placed outside or inside and with an LED light box, they are consistently lit unlike the old light boxes which were very deep and housed light bulbs.

Slim line light boxes are now a popular way for displaying the marketing material indoors. As I mentioned earlier, the old light boxes were very bulky and were not up to much, but the newer light boxes formed using a clever LED lighting back are the way forward for retailers across the world.

Suspended Frames
This is the last marketing hardware we will take about in this lens. A suspended frame is exactly how it sounds. Retail outlets that lack space, do not want to put posters on the window or want to keep their walls clean are the main purchases of these types of frames. Suspended frames are basically two horizontal snap frames that snap open and shut when the marketing material is placed in them and then suspended to the ceiling using a wire to let the frame and marketing material hang.

These frames are a solid option for any retail outlet lacking in indoor space and again these suspended frames come in a range of sizes.

Source by Andrew Naylor

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