Make Money Promoting Amazon Products

Amazon is one of the most popular and regularly visited sites on the Internet.They sell a wide range of products at very competitive prices furthermore they are extremely customer focused and reputable.

If your new to the world of on-line marketing then it would make sense for you to consider the Amazon Associates Program over other sites such as Clickbank or Commission Junction. Reason being that these sites require you to have a little more experience and know how and also to be honest the amount of refunds you have to make with certain products is not worth your time and hassle alone. Reputation is also a factor to consider, are people more likely to buy from your Amazon link or widget than a hop-link from Clickbank or CJ?

The Amazon Associates Program pays up to anything from 4% – 8% in responsibilities dependent on the number of sales achieved but as in most cases people end up buying more than one item during a single visit through your affiliate link. High ticket items such as TVs, mp3 and games consoles are good examples of this.

Two simple but effective ways to promote products is given out below.
First method consistors of direct linking, if you have your own website you can link it directly with Amazon, another effective method is using social media such as Twitter. You could recommend a video game or DVD by simply putting your Amazon link in your tweet, this way it's not blatantly obvious what your doing.

Another effective method involves the creation of a simple 1/2 page mini-site where you do a product review of a product your promoting and place links to it on your mini-site, this requires a little more experience but can be more profitable, bear in mind you would have to optimize your site to appear in search engine rankings and indulge in a little Google Pay Per Click, even if your budget is stretched i recommend writing and submitting a few articles about the product and include links back to your mini -site to drive potential customers to it.

In conclusion the Amazon Associate Program is a good way of building your first barriers in the world of affiliate marketing just do not expect to get rich overnight however with the right strategy and promotion you could build up a nice little income on the side which could pay the bills or pave the way for that holiday.

Source by Panos Christo

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