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This article is about Hyper words Firefox add on which is useful, when you want to do a search with a particular word you want to know more about. This add on I found to be more interesting when I want to know more about the particular personality.

Following are the facilities you will gain by the use of this add on. I will go one by one, if possible in detail.

1. Search:

I do not think you are ignorant about this word. This particular word is the most popular word among people with the advent of Google, Yahoo! and other similar sites. Since gathering the required content becomes so easy with search people started to using this and sites compete to get in the front page of the search sites.

When you view a page sometimes you get stuck with the word, because that particular word may be new to you or the meaning of the word may be unknown to you. In any case, you may like to know more about the word. That word may be a product name, personality name, a name of a place or just a new word which means you wish to know. Using this add on you can search the above said things in Google, social networking sites like Face Book, Linked In, Google news and more.

2. References:

This also helps in searching reference sites like Wikipedia, Britannica, Wikitionary and others.

I like to say a few words about Wikipedia here. This site is simply a free on line encyclopedia.

This reference site contain everything in detail. since you can get more detail about any famous personality, company, nations etc.

3. Translate:

This feature you will find more useful if your first language is not English. Although English is accepted as the universal language, not all people in the world including me know everything in English. With this add on you can translate from one language to another language. This add on supports many language including French, Chinese, Dutch, German, Japanese and many other languages. So you can translate from English to another language if you want.

4. View:

This feature is used to view the selected word in various styles.

5. Copy:

This feature is used to copy the link with the text and the plain text.

6. Go:

This feature is used more with the links. Using this you can either open the link in new tab or same tab or new window. You can even print the selected text. Printing the selected text also got easier with this add on.

7. Email:

You can email the selected text using Gmail.

8. Shop:

You may be reading a product review from your favorite site. Now using this add on you can just select one of the sites (Amazon, eBay, CraigList and Itunes) and it opens the site with the product name you have selected.

To use this add on you do not need any technical knowledge. Just select the word or required text and an option appears and select the required option you want.

To know more about this add on visit the site here .

Source by MV Girish

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