How To Speed ​​Up Broadband In 3 Easy Steps

Slow broadband connections are a big problem for millions of PC users around the World, thanks to the way in which many computers will either have errors preventing them from running correctly, or because of the connection settings that your system will have. If you are experiencing slow broadband hours on your computer, you have to be able to speed up the connection by using the steps outlined on this page.

How To Speed ​​Up Your Broadband

1) Stop Programs Running

The first step is to stop any programs running that you do not want to use at that time. Most people make the mistake of trying to have many different applications open at once, but little do they know this can actually prevent your Internet from running smoothly, as they will take up a large number of important settings that should be used for your Internet connection . To fix this, you should press "CTRL + ALT + DELETE" on your keyboard and then close any of the applications that your PC may have running.

2) Make Sure The Internet Speed ​​Is Correct

You then need to ensure that the Internet speed of your system is correct. Many ISP's (Internet Service Providers) actually prevent a large number of connections from running at their peak speed. You should first click on a website called "" and then let it test your connection speed. This will show you how fast your Internet connection is, and will probably allow you to determine if you are actually getting the full speed of the connection.

3) Clean Out The Registry

The next step is to clean out any corrupt / damaged registry settings that your PC may have. The registry is a large database inside the Windows system which is continuously being used to help the likes of your programs & settings to run smoothly. We've found that registry errors can cause a lot of slow Internet speed problems, making it vital that you're able to get rid of any potential registry errors that your system could have – a process that can be accomplished by using a registry cleaner to fix any of the errors this part of Windows may have inside.

Source by Greg Kahn

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