How to Easily Update Google Chrome on Mac or Windows?

A web browser from Google, Google Chrome, is one that introduces a combination of minimal design and sophisticated technology. It helps in making the web browsing experience quicker, safer and much easier. Google in order to enhance user experience keeps releasing a new or updated version of Chrome on a regular basis. What most users keep away from is updating their browser version to the latest or most updated one. Just to make it easier is a simple guide here, presented in a step by step manner.

Updating Google Chrome to its latest version is essential in order to keep insecurities and vulnerabilities to the minimal. Also, updating to the latest version gives access to the latest and most new features. So, follow the method that is mentioned below to make this possible. The method is divided into two categories. First is for updating Chrome on Mac, while the second one is for updating Chrome on Windows.

For Updating Google Chrome on Mac

· Begin by opening the Chrome web browser. In case an update is available, a small green arrow will be displayed on the top of the Chrome menu in the browser toolbar. The Chrome menu is pictured as a box made from parallel lines that sets on the right side of the search bar on the upper part of the page. In case the arrow is not visible, it means you already have the latest version updated. But, in case the green arrow is seen, move to the next step.

· Next you must click on the Chrome menu

· Now, you must click on Update Google Chrome, which is present as a second last option in the drop-down menu. After clicking, a confirmation will be asked where you again need to click, yes.

· Finish by clicking restart, in case you do not wish to restart, choose Not Now. So, the next time you open your Chrome browser, it will be already updated in the latest version.

For Updating Google Chrome on Windows

· Begin by opening the Google Chrome web browser

· Now, on the top right hand corner, click on the wrench icon, which is also referred as the Spanner icon

· Next click on "About Google Chrome", which will redirect you to the dialog box. If you have an older version of the browser installed, you will see messages reading Installing New Browser. In case, this message is not seen, it means your PC already has the most recent version of Chrome installed. In case you see the message, read the next step.

· You now need to wait until the browser gets updated, when done, you will again see the Chrome dialog box, which will ask you to "Re-launch Google Chrome". Clicking so, will give you the latest version of Chrome.

So, here is a simple method of keeping your web browsing experience secure, by easily updating to the latest version of Chrome. In case you need any other kind of help, support is available with the Chrome tech support experts.

Wondering where? It's by calling on the Google Chrome tech support number , where experts can help you with a solution anytime and any day.

Source by Herry Willson

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