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Google has recently informed that it has started in certain cities a trial for ads for Small Business in Google Places called Google Boost. It is in place of AdWords so that you do not have to choose your keywords and so on Google Boost will do that for you by placing your ad on Google and Google Maps and also work out the keyword and everything that goes with it. You can share all your business information here. This includes the opening hours of business the kind of business any photos and videos that you want to display and so on

The business has to select the area and then choose to have a description of its products and decide on its monthly budget. Google AdWords will create the ad decide on the relevant keywords location and run the ads in that location. The seller does not have to worry about keyword targeting geo location targeting kind of display ad and so on. The idea is that the buyer can then if he wishes go physically to so on the business and make his purchases.

The seller then does not have to worry about how to set up his AdWords Account and avoids being overwhelmed by the full version

All this sounds great but there are still unanswered questions like exactly where is it available the exact location it will cover. How the ads will be shown and whether the advertiser can stop in the middle of the month as it is a monthly contract. The other question that arises is how the results can be analyzed. Currently the analysis is done through Google Analytics. Will the same apply to Google Boost is a question. It is vital for an advertiser to be able to see the effectiveness of his ad and that he gets value for h is money.

I wonder if it is just another way for Google to make money. Is it Google Boost for Google or small business?

Just a thought.

Source by Maganlal N Bhadresa

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