Direct Marketing Mastery: 3 Barriers To Increasing Lead Flow (How Many Are Blocking You?)

Many business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers believe that more leads will solve all of their problems. In my last job as a marketing manager for a software company, I had a boss like that. He thought that if we could get more leads, we could get more meetings and more meetings meant more sales.

It was churn and burn sales and marketing.

"Hey! Are you interested?"


"Hey! Are you interested?"


The 100 meter cold calling challenge …

Nobody was allowed to focus on the deals that worked. Nobody was allowed to stop and think about how to better monetise our existing customers. It was like when the inmates run the asylum.

When we talk to business owners and entrepreneurs about increasing lead flow I always caution them about this jamming more in the top mentality.

In the end they do not want more leads, they want more sales and they want more sales for the income and they want that income for a whole lot of different reasons. Sometimes increased lead flow is part or all of the answer and when it is here are the most common barriers to getting more leads.

Barrier to lead flow 1: Poor Conversion. The people with deficient lead flow often have the lowest conversion rates. With high enough conversion any source of leads is profitable. In my own business I have more leads than I need. In fact I've been able to significantly chop out chunks of my market in order to focus on the best sub niches because our conversion is so good with what's left.

Barrier to lead flow 2: Market is too small. In smaller markets like Australia this is more common than in larger markets. I have one US based client whose universe within driving distance from his business is larger than a corresponding market in Australia. Small markets can be enhanced by custom marketing to several parallel sub-niches. A little extra work but it means your overall market is sufficient big.

Barrier to Lead Flow 3: Cash Flow In business cash is king. If you can not get a fast enough cash return on your marketing then cash flow is a problem. When I started a side business, the sales cycle was nearly 9 months. Those cash flow problems nearly broke us in the first 6 months. You've been warned.

Source by Zac R Nelles

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