A Comparison of Promotional Marketing – TV, Radio, Print and Promotional Pens

In business, we've all heard about promotion and marketing and I bet most people could probably name one or two tools used to carry out your promotional marketing strategy with TV advertising probably coming out as the most well-known. This article talks about a variety of different types of promotion starting with TV advertising and going all the way to promotional pens.

I can not think of anyone I know who has not seen some sort of TV advert or commercial. They are one of the most effective methods of marketing for generating awareness amongst potential customers for your business and an excellent way to build up a positive brand image. They are most commonly used by large organizations because they tend to be very expensive, say in comparison to promotional pens, however they are a great way to show off your creativity and the products and services your business provides. A short commercial is often repeated numerous times in order to ensure its message is remembered by the target market in question. Although often due due to background noise, when used correctly a TV ad can help a marketing campaign becomes very successful.

Similar radio adverts are a common method used to promote business products or services. Advantages include being able to target the correct customers by assigning an advert to a particular radio station which is likely to be listened to broadly by your target audience. Your message can be repeated again and again to ensure it is put across to your customers efficiently. There are some disadvantages with using this type of promotion – it can be expensive, often ignored by customers as they switch channel to avoid listening to adverts rather than music, and it does not have the visual aid offered by other types of promotion, such as promotional pens.

An excellent opportunity to benefit from the use of visual aid is to use print advertising. This could be on billboards, leaflets, brochures or magazines. It's a great way to show off your creative skills in both writing and images. A colorful and creative ad can really stand out here among competitors. However there is always a downside and the major one here is that this type of promotion tends to be an annoyance and is often ignored by customers, for example when they chuck away leaflets posted through their front door.

Promotional pens are a very useful method of promotion. They tend to be one of the cheapest methods possible and can reach a large range and volume of customers in a short space of time. As long as your business has a high quality website it is easy to direct customers to it by simply writing your web address on the side of a pen along with the company logo. Using promotional pens as a method of promotion is great for small businesses or businesses without a large marketing budget to spend, and even for large businesses wanting to improve the image of their company with a high quality pen that is gifted to customers as a reflection on the brand.

Source by Tommy E Hayes

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