6 Direct Sales Tips for First-Time Network Marketers

Having outstanding achievements in a company's sales department does not necessarily mean you're prepared for a career in network marketing. For one thing, being a network marketer requires you to perform direct sales. Do you think you're ready for that?

Direct sales requires network marketers like you to deal straight and go up close and personal with your products end buyers. To better prepare you for such encounters, consider the following tips.

You need to believe in your products.

It's easier to achieve your sales goals when you're working behind a desk and you're not dealing directly with the customers. You work on creating marketing campaigns, implementing price reduction strategies, and take other similar actions. None of it involves speaking directly with a customer, convincing them why they need to buy your products, and of course, giving them the opportunity to answer back and question your beliefs.

If you want to succeed in direct sales, you need to honestly believe in your products. It's the only way you'll be able to defend them once customers start asking about the whys and hows.

Honesty is still the best policy.

Remember: when you utter one small lie, you'll need a hundred more to support it. Why risk being caaning lying if you can afford to say the truth? Whitewashing things is always a great temptation to network marketers, especially if they've convinced them that it's for the customers' benefit. But in the end, you could be caught and you risk losing one customer permanently.

Do not beg.

Saying please 'and begging may work the first or second time around, but rest assured that people will not buy such an act forever. Soon, people will become irritated and start avoiding you for it. If you really believe in your products, why do you have to beg? It's all a matter of finding your target market and offering your products to people who really need it.

Make them excited for your offer.

Enthusiasm is a contagious thing, but it comes in different forms. For many, it mostly has to do with how you look and speak: all smiles and keeping an upbeat tone can easily influence some into buying what you have on offer. For others, it's about telling what they want to hear. It's important to figure out what makes them excited and connect that immediately to your products.

Avoid nagging and aggression.

It's okay to make follow-up calls, but it's not acceptable if you do them every day. You need to know when to graciously concede defeat and accept that your prospect just is not interested for the time being. There's nothing wrong on contacting them again, but only after a respectable interval of time has already passed.

Also, there's a fine line separating aggression from assertion and you need to make sure you do not go past that line. Being assertive means acting with confidence while being aggressive means you're for your own on others. If you become the latter, you risk alienating your prospects.

Be patient. If you've given it your best shot then all you can do now is step back and wait for the next step to come from them.

Be yourself.

Last but not the least, just be yourself. It's easy to feel intimidated and act unnaturally when you're with strangers but they'll probably see through your guise and knowing that you're not being yourself will make them feel uncomfortable. They definitely can not focus on your products when they're uncomfortable with you.

Keep these tips in mind and you're sure to get used to doing direct sales in no time.

Source by Daegan Smith

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