5 Types of Videos to Market Your Business

"Viral." It's a word heard often these days, typically associated with YouTube videos that suddenly attract an obscene number of views, perhaps even launching the people in the videos into celebrity status. We all know where Justin Bieber of the screaming tween girls got his start. Christina Perri ("Jar of Hearts" and "A Thousand Years") began as Lovemspenny on YouTube, performing covers. And there was the shudder-inducing Rebecca Black (I did not say it was all good celebrity).

Singing probably is not the best way to launch your business into stardom (unless your business is yourself and you happen to be a singer). In this article, we'll discuss five other types of videos that your business could make that will attract and engage your potential customers.

1. How-to videos . A huge part of online marketing right now is assuring your potential customers that you are an expert at what you do. You could just tell them, but it would be far more effective to show them. Say you own a local restaurant. You could have a series of how-to's for common cooking tips (how to hard boil eggs, how to make pizza dough, how to do something else related to the style of food you sell) and just include in the video's notes who you are and where you work with a link to your website.

2. Demos . If you're trying to sell software, a quick demo may be effective, especially when added to your website. Maybe people have come to your site and thought your software just looked too darn complicated. A proper demonstration or pre-recorded webinar may ease their worries and give them the confidence to try your product out for themselves.

3. Commercials . Okay, this one might seem obvious, but there's a certain finesse to having a commercial on YouTube (as a video, not an actual sponsored ad). The key is making the commercial stand out, either through humor or shock or awe. Example: Old Spice man. Enough said.

4. Presentations . Sometimes, no words are needed to get your point across. Well, no spoken words. A video presentation with animated text and images set to music, such as this one on the Social Media Revolution , can be very powerful.

5. Testimonials . One of the best ways to gain the confidence of your potential customers is to insure them of successes with current or previous customers. Random quotes on your website are okay, but with video, they can see and identify with real, live people.

YouTube is not the only way to get marketing videos up on the web. There are other programs you can use to create videos to add to your website or blog, and there are plenty of companies you could contract to make a marketing video for you. Either way, using videos to market your company is something that should not be overlooked. Who knows – maybe your company could have the next "viral" video to hit the web!

Source by Jennifer Porterfield

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