5 Free Resources For the Beginning Internet Marketer

1. Free Website or Blog

First and foremost, as a beginner in internet marketing, you're going to need a website. So, why not start out free and easy? Blogger dot com offers free, predesigned templates so you can choose a layout that will appeal to your viewers. All you have to do is choose a name and a design template and start writing. Blogger makes it extremely easy to preview your posts to see how your page will appear. Forget about difficult ftp programs, uploading to the internet is as easy as pushing the publish button. An added bonus is integrated AdSense controls. You can begin earning money right away with Google AdSense. It does not get much easier than free and easy!

2. Find Marketing Ideas With Free Online Forums

As soon as you enter the world of internet marketing, you'll be looking for marketing ideas, products to promote and general "how to" information to keep you learning, focused, and on track. Forums are a perfect avenue for learning, sharing success stories and failures. Warrior forum dot com is a great place to start. As you learn, you'll find there are forums for every subject imaginable. Remember, there are always people out there who have already gone through the beginning stages of online marketing. Just be careful not to fall for all the "get rich overnight" schemes.

Forums are also a place where every type of marketer promotes their products. It's sometimes hard to know the difference between someone reputable and someone who's only out to make a fast buck. Make sure to do a lot of research before spending money on marketing tools. Some of them are very good; however, a lot of them are garbage. If you're interested in any type of tool, make sure to search for a free version. You may find you do not have to pay to get the same results. Ask questions and participate, there are lots of people out there who are willing to help you.

3. SEO Tools

One of the first things you'll encounter is the need for SEO research. Search Engine Optimization is geared towards making sure your websites and web pages do well in the search engines like Google. The best place to start is Google's AdWords Keyword Tool. Just do a search for it. This will help you find keywords to use in your online marketing campaigns. Without proper keyword research, people will have a difficult time finding your site.

Another facet of SEO is link building. While considering the value of backlinks, you can check a site's Google PageRank by visiting prchecker dot org.

4. Instant Links

Your online efforts can be accelerated through lots of quality one-way links to your site. For a beginner, this can be difficult to achieve. Brad Callen's free directory submitter is a great way to break into link building. All you have to do is enter you website information, select a directory from the preloaded menu. The site will pop up, directory submitter will fill in the fields, and you enter the Captcha code. That's all ether is to it. You can gain hundreds of one-way backlinks with this process.

5. Social Media

Another effective, free resource is social media. These sites rely on user-generated content. People around the world open an account, bookmark websites or pages that like, and share them with the world. Not only do you get exposure for your site, you get permanent one-way backlinks pointing to your site.

Source by Jay J Cee

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