Zero Friction Marketing Review – You Could Earn Thousands With No Sales Required

Zero Friction Marketing is a new marketing course, however, instead of focusing on advertising affiliate products and getting paid for referred sales, you get paid for referring free sign ups to CPA (Cost Per Action) offers. My experience with these offers has been positive and negative. Of course the payout per signup is much lower because you are getting paid for a free sign up. At the same time, it is much easier to get your traffic to sign up because they are not required to pay. Depending on the offer offer being promoted and the promotion method, sometimes I earn as much as I do from promoting pay per sale affiliate products. This review was written to provide more information about the zero friction marketing product.

Zero Friction Marketing is a new guide relating to marketing CPA offers. The creators claim to make thousands of dollars everyday marketing free CPA offers. The title of this product came from the fact you are promoting free products. When I wrote this review I wanted to let people know that CPA marketing can be profitable alternative to promoting pay per sale products like those from ClickBank. What is surprising is how this course mainly focuses on generating traffic using free resources, so you can immediately start promoting and targeting without placing additional money at stake in the form of paid advertising costs. Of course, you can still, if you desire, opt to use paid services such as PPC, and the guides contained within this course contain information on profiting from such traffic.

The course is not just another overprice eBook or an upsell to additional high cost marketing products, but rather a genuine complete guide presented with ebooks and videos. I chose to review Zero Friction Marketing because this product delivers a true wealth of materials, including videos where you can watch the creator set up and run profitable campaigns step by step. The best part is, the course contains flowcharts for each marketing method. These flowcharts are literally step by step guides for each marketing method. They tell you step by step what you need to do to make money. The best thing is, you are these are free traffic generation tips that could be used to promote any type of offer, and with modification, the methods could be used to promote other types of affiliate offers too.

Source by Michael Berenson

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