What to Do If Wi-Fi is Not Working

Sometimes, despite a new PC, Wi-Fi routers do not work. If you are also facing one of such kind of issues, you can do the following to avoid issues of Wi-Fi.

Check the Wi-Fi button on your desktop or laptop – almost every computer today combines integrating a Wi-Fi button. If this button gets turned off, your PC would be unable to connect to the Wi-Fi router and then, it will evoke internet connection problems.

Problems with Wi-Fi router – If your Wi-Fi is not working perfectly because of turning on the Wi-Fi button in your PC, then the major reason is issue with your Wi-Fi router. If you are finding that issue is with your Wi-Fi router than power it off for a while, after 10 seconds plug it back. This is the simple solution that helps you in avoiding problems and staying connected with your pc uninterruptedly.

Wireless Card Drivers updating – If you have checked both the issues and found no problems with them than remove both the points from your problem list. It's the time to think about your wireless card drivers. Sometimes, these drivers get corrupted and create issues in connecting with Wi-Fi. Here, you can update drivers of your Wi-Fi network using automatic driver updating tool. You can also fine advanced driver's on manufacturer's website and update that accordingly.

These are the simple solutions for your question of 'my Wi-Fi is not working.' If you are still getting problems and not able to go online due to problems in your PC, you may ask a tech support provider; there are many tech support providers who are providing on call / online services to offer you a service that immediately heals your problem of 'my Wi-Fi not working.'

You can find tech support service providers who offer immediate solution of PC issues related to Wi-Fi and other network problems. You can also find details about tech support service provider online. Internet is complete with information on them.

Source by George Cullen

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