Online Marketing – Is Social Networking Good Or Bad For Business?

Every day it looks another social networking site pops up on the Internet. Everyone is trying to be the next Facebook or Twitter, and many internet marketers are jumping at the chance to use these sites as tools to build their business. For many involved in online marketing, social networking is a real moneymaker, but a few simple rules must be followed.

Transparency is crucial. Be truthful in your profile and when interacting with others online. Give people a face to associate with your name and products. Show some personality by talking about your interests and personal life. People are much more likely to purchase from a friend, than from a stranger.

Never, ever spam. The fastest way to become a social networking failure is to become labeled a spammer. Share more than just your sales links with those who have chosen to become your friends on the sites. Talk shop with other marketers, offer advice to newbies, or strike up a conversation with those who you have something in common with and you'll see your network expand with interested buyers, all without spam.

Watch your language. Flaming, bashing, excessive foul language, and constant negativity on social networking sites is a death sentence. You will quickly lose the respect of those in your network and will also lose the professional reputation of your brand. As your mother always told you, if you do not have something nice to say, do not say anything at all.

Have a little fun. While some people are on social networking sites to do business, many are there for the social aspect alone. Engaging in lighthearted conversation and enjoying yourself through your work day can gain you some wonderful new contacts. Treat social networking sites as a water cooler where you can make a little money, at the same time.

Once you understand how social networking sites and their members operate, you can market your business successfully through them. Although there are some serious pitfalls that can cause you to do serious damage to your online reputation, when done properly, social networking and online marketing can go hand in hand.

Source by Oscar Derrida

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