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I just read an interesting article from a direct market newsletter which said that Facebook is able to drive more niche traffic than Google. Now if you are in marketing on any level that information should be very astounding to you.

But notice the article did not say just traffic but what it's talking about is targeted traffic. Niche traffic means that the person looking for a particular passion is being drawn to that Facebook page. Say for example that you have someone who loves their dog; Facebook will be the place that they would want to get information on how to help their dog.

With this information internet marketers should understand that they should be getting on these network sites and getting their product in front of the people who are looking for it.

There is just one small problem. Most people absolutely do not know how to sell on this network sites. Just follow the popular site Twitter. You can get many followers on it but everyone is "trying" to sell. No one is trying to build a relationship and then they can make a connection with the people they are trying to sell. The potential to use these social networking sites is huge but there is also another problem. These sites are highly moderated and if you should put something there that the moderators do not like it will be removed or you could have your account suspended.

So if there is so much money from niche networking sites, why are not more people getting involved? The problem is that you would need a programmer to set up all the code and make sure that you have all the platforms to work and on and on. If you do not have thousands of dollars to undertake this project then you will not be able to have your own niche network.

That was until recently. Now there is a new product that will help the average internet marketer to get online and start creating their own niche networking sites. This is designed to help people who have little to no experience with html or php or any of that internet building jargon. Most online marketers do not know how to build a website; they just know how to sell things on it.

And that is the way it should be for internet marketers. Your job as an internet marketer is to sell. All that housekeeping should be passed on to someone else. Internet marketers should always be looking for new ways to attract targeted free traffic without paying through the nose to Google AdWords. Let the market determine what it wants to buy and then you as a marketer show up and give the customer what they are seeking.

And this will be a win win situation because the customer will tell you what they are looking for-you as the marketer provide it. Afterwards the customer is happy because they got exactly what they were seeking and you were able to make a connection with someone seeking your product. Remember, niche market is about targeted traffic, people seeking a specific thing. You just need to know what they are seeking and how you can help them find it

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