Major Pitfalls To Avoid in Deciding The UX of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps development is undeniably a complex task for which businesses need assistance from an experienced development company that can guide them through. Not every app get equal appreciation in the market. This is primarily because of differences in their usability. There are many facts playing in the minds of the users while they download an app and one of the prime reasons is poor UX or UI. User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design of the apps are inevitably most vital for user-friendliness of apps. Market research too showed that majority of users do not return to an app if they have poor user-experience in the first instance. Obviously, those apps that fail to provide simple navigation and accessibility are sure to lose customers in the first instance. So, here are some major pitfalls in UX that every apps maker has to be careful about while getting their apps developed.

UX and UI are two different aspect

While UX is the process of strategic designing which aims at creating an app that users will be drawn to, UI is the solution of the process. Through a proper process of UX design, the developers arrive at a perfect UI solution. There are multiple of steps involved in a complete UX design process before achieving the right solution for user interface which include UX research, sketches, wireframes, interactive prototypes, usability testing, visual designs, sitemap and so forth. Clearly, if UX is the process or journey in mobile app development, UI is the destination.

UX does not simply aggravate the usability

Without any doubt, usability is of prime importance for determining the user experience. However, there are many things that are responsible for delivering the user-experience of an app. While a UI when designed aptly make it extremely usable, it may not provide the right usage in the right way and at the right time. A great app with top-notch UX, so includes many aspects other than usability which is usefulness, desirability and sustainability.

More eye-dropping features will enhance app experience

App makers or owners need to understand that just more of great features do not work for apps. There are stark differences between a feature and benefit and makers need to give priority to the benefits. Here, no matter how cool the features of an app are, it needs to be more purpose-driven.

Complicated content is not acceptable

While content is also a vital aspect of user experience and offers the explanation of what an app is capable of doing, too much content presented in a complicated way is annoying to the users. This means one needs to include the content wisely and present only the points that are relevant to the purpose of the app.

Mistakes are bound to happen in any complicated process and it is inevitable in the process of apps development too. However, if an appreneur has an experienced app developer in hand who knows every bit of hurdles or the pitfalls that come while designing the UX of an app, chances of it becoming a failure in terms of user-friendliness are very less.

Source by Rob Stephen

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