IGF-1 and Cancer – Myth Vs Scientific Facts!

There has been considered adverse publicity and confusion recently regarding the relationship between the intake of dairy products, particularly colostrum, and the development of certain types of human cancer. The misstatements made out there are typically by marketers trying to sell you something. Things like:

"On January 23, 1998, researchers at the Harvard Medical School released a major study providing conclusive evidence that IGF-1 is a potent risk factor for prostate cancer."

"In 1995, researchers at the National Institutes of Health reported that IGF-1 plays a central role in the progress of many childhood cancers and in the growth of tumors in breast cancer, small cell lung cancer, melanoma, and cancers of the pancreas and prostate. "

"In September 1997, an international team of researchers reported the first epidemiological evidence that high IGF-1 concentrations are closely linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer.

These misstatements are still used today, to promote the marketers agenda.

Always ask for scientific literature and references, but get them from the folks who actually did the research. Why? Researchers who are in the academic setting do not have a fiscal responsibility to spin whatever the "marketing" company wants them to say. They are more concerned with the science and the outcome; so for your perusal we have put together a very nice document that outlines the facts about IGF-1.

Myth: Does IGF-1 cause cause cancer?

The answer is a resounding "NO". If you look at the research, high levels of IGF-1 in the circulation as a manifestation of disease. What that means is, like high levels of white blood cells are a manifestation when appendicitis occurs, showing that there is some kind of issue going on within the body. So higher levels could act as an early warning sign!

Natural & Balance are the issues here. Whole colostrum has all of the natural components with all the necessary factors to keep the IGF-1 Super Family in balance so the body can utilize the proteins for its own benefit and with multiple systems.

Therefore, the underlying cause for elevated levels of IGF-1 seen in cancer is related to a cascade of events that begins with an alteration of basic genetic information and culinated in an impaired function of the IGF-1 receptors on the surface of the cells. Since IGF-1 does not have operating, functional receptors to interact with, it naturally backs up in the circulation as a manifestation of the disease process.

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