How to Control People Using Hypnosis

Learning how to control people using hypnosis is something that most people equate with being able to make your friend walk around like a chicken. While something like this is certainly possible, it is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the power and practical uses that hypnotism holds. This FAQ is meant to answer some of the most common question about this category of hypnosis.

Who can be controlled using hypnotism? – Absolutely anyone can be controlled by hypnosis techniques. Of course, different people have different levels of receptivity, but every single person on the face of the earth is susceptible to hypnotism.

Can a person use hypnosis to make someone do something they normally would not do? – Yes, but not necessarily on the first try, or second or third third for that matter. Hypnotism works by first making them unacceptable to your suggestion and then actually suggesting it. That's why you can not just go up to anyone and say, "Hey, bark like a dog." Because you first have to make their mind unacceptable to the suggestion so that it would seem normal for them to do it by the time you say it. If, for example, you tried to use hypnosis to make someone rob a bank (God forbid), it would take days, weeks or months of constant tweaking to finally get them to go through with it. You could not just make them do it from day one, you would have to make a few very small tweaks in their thinking before they would consider robbing a bank "normal".

What are some of the different types of hypnosis? – There are many different types, too many to list all of them here, but the most widely used are NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), traditional hypnosis (where they basically just come out and tell you what to do), and conversational hypnosis (believed by most of the hypnotism community to be the most powerful form of hypnotism for it's effectiveness, quick results and application to almost any everyday situation).

What is conversational hypnosis? – Conversational hypnosis is hypnotizing someone by means of a natural yet directed conversation. Basically, you act as if you are having a normal conversation, but you are directing where it goes, taking the person down different avenues of thought and logic. Sometimes you will be able to take their thoughts where you want them to go and at that point you can begin to make covert suggestions to them. The thing is, they do not know it's happening because the conversation sounds so normal. This is why it is so powerful.

How does conversational hypnosis work? – There are three basic steps. Build rapport, distract, suggest. Some people say building rapport is just getting the person to like you, but it is really about getting in sync with the other person so that everything said or done between you feels flowing and natural. Distraction is just that, taking the person's mind off what you want them to do. The final step is suggesting. When they are in a receptive state, you make your little little suggestion and if you did everything right they accept it.

You can compare it to a boxing match, Building rapport is like stepping into the ring with the other person. Distraction is the fakes and jabs you deliver throw him off guard, and suggestion is like the right hook you throw to knock them out. If they are wide open and your hit lands, BAM, they accept the suggestion no questions asked. Now, of course, with some people you can end the fight in one hit, others might take a couple rounds, but ever you will win out if you are doing it right. Also, the more complicated or difficult the task is, the longer it will take for the suggestion to take hold.

What are some practical uses for learning how to control people using hypnosis? There really is so much you can do with this. Having trouble with the opposite sex? Utilizing the powers of hypnotism would enable you to keep anyone enthralled by whatever you have to say, planting ideas in their head that make it impossible for them not to like you. Are you a salesman? Take a conversation where you want it to go and make it impossible for the prospective client to say no to whatever you are offering. Being bullied at school or work? Make the big guy back down and use your powers of suggestion to make him never bother you again. The possibilities are near limitless.

Conclusion – Well I hope this has answered some of your questions and piqued your interest a little bit about this amazing craft. I really would recommend furthering your knowledge of hypnosis. Not only is it fun, it's extremely beneficial in virtually every facet of life.

Have Fun and Success in all Your Endeavors,


Source by Breece Tanner

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