How to Advertise a Blog

Bloggers can earn an income with a successful blog. This is usually done by Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, advertisements, and other things that drive traffic to a blog. The more traffic a blog receives the more likely blog viewers will click on ads and earn the blog owner money. Blogging can be fun, and the writing part is not even the most difficult aspect, suggesting a blog can take quite a bit of time and effort.

An effective way to advertise a blog is through search engine optimization. This basically involves improving a blogs search engine rankings. High search engine results work like free advertisement. Most people the top results and not blogs that are pages into the results. The better the rankings the more traffic a website tends to get. Increasing search engine rankings can be hard, especially for a blog that has a lot of competition. Using keywords in blog posts, titles, and image tags can help boost a blog's ranking. Having a lot of back link from quality websites, helps rankings too.

Before a blogger spends too much time promoting their blog, they need to make sure their blog is worthy of all the promotion. For a blog to be successful it needs to be regularly updated and have interesting posts. If a blog is not updated enough, it will lose followers. There are so many blogs, that people can always find another one if the one they were reading gets boring or is not updated enough. If people love a blog, they will recommend it to their friends, which is great free advertising.

After a blogger has their blog ready, they need to promote it. The best way to promote a blog is to participate in online message boards and forums. Bloggers can find message boards that are relevant to their blog topic. Talking about a blog or posting links to it, is a great way to get more traffic. Different message boards have varying rules, so bloggers should always read and follow the rules. Some message boards and forums do not allow links. Plus, people tend to think links are spam, so bloggers need to think about their posts. People usually do not click on things that appear to be spam. Bloggers should explain a little about their blog instead of just putting the web address and "check out my blog." Message board of forum posts should be interesting, unique and informative. The web address should be put in the signature. Using a message board beforehand and building up a reputation before promoting a blog, may also be a good idea.

Source by John S. Rhodes

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