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Posted November 10, 2015 by Brett Rutecky in Bretts Products

Want everything you need to make money online all one one place? Profit Canvas is my all inclusive marketing platform that gives you both the training and the software tools to start and run your own 6 figure a year online business.

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 A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

Want to learn the REAL way to start a profitable online 100% for free? Watch the video below!

About the Author

Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky is a full time online marketer, web developer, and entrepreneur. He has developed scores of Facebook apps, dozens of custom web sites and hundreds of scripts.


    Hi brett,
    Bought the PC. Great software.(all in one)
    I really love the trainings and the webinar.
    I missed the OTO 4 weeks training that you did with Mike.
    Is there a way that i could purchase it.


    Brett, I see your two products so similar…brett circle & profit canvas. Could you tell me which one is more newbie friendly? FYI, I’m an employee & have no much spare time at home. My job is too much minds involved ( I’m working at financial department ) so I’m so tired when at home. I need fast track…fast result ( in a month )…perhaps USD 1,000 first month….USD 3,000 second month…and so on. I know the whole concept in internet marketing but limited in technical issues. That’s why I ask you which one is match with my condition right now. I want to have income from internet marketing so I have much time with my family. You may answer through my email


      Bretts Circle and Profit Canvas are not the same. Bretts Circle is training. Profit Canvas is training and software. Also Ill be quite honest, your expectations are not realistic .. you want a ‘fast track’ way to make $1k per month.. lots of people think working online is some kind of get rich scheme. This is very untrue , its starting a business and starting a business requires time and effort.


        So which one will you suggest me to take the course….brett circle or profit canvas? From your experience, how long will it show the result? And last question, for a starter what is the realistic income per month (in an average)? I said about USD 1,000/month from other marketer. Many of them said that’s the target. Please, correct me if it’s wrong from your own experience. Regards…


          Profit Canvas is better because it comes with the software that you need and not just the training. Bretts Circle is just the training. My first month I made a little over $400 I think.


    Brett. Love your stuff. Most likely will be getting your canvas product . Question….Do you know of any good coupon creator product? Something that could be printed out from a page builder like yours or a website? Restaurant coupons, etc. type of thing. Thanks


      Sorry no I dont have anything that could do printing. I would think that a desktop publisher would be idea for that.. there are a couple good ones out there. Page Plus is one that I have personally used and I think it has a free version of you Google around.


    Brett, just wanted to drop a comment about your profit canvas software. I absolutely love it! It is so easy to use and I’ve literally saved myself over 2500.00 by being able to create my own landing pages. I really enjoyed your article about quitting certain parts of your business and I will admit that I believe you are a man of integrity and you’re doing the right thing.

    I really appreciate your amazing support and answers to my questions.

    Good luck in all of your endeavors but make sure that you keep Profit Canvas up to date and available. It has become my all time favorite software.


      Profit canvas software beats most of the top squeeze pages builders hands down so people don’t slag off Brett he is a good guy and made a great piece of software


    So with the developer rights we can create pages for people, charge them and its hosted by you? Awesome if so!


    Brett, after the initial $1 for the squeezematic builder, what is the cost?


    Do you have a membership site? Can you recommend one if you don’t. I’ve been looking at a couple WishList Member and Freshmember. I would love your recommendation.
    Thanks and wishing you the best,
    Melodie Boone


    Brett: I bought Profit Canvas today. Loving it but I do not see any payment provider than PayPal in site creator. I miss Clickbank opportunity. I used to use Clickbank with my products.


    Brett, I have a couple of questions,

    1. Is profit canvas all I need to be a successful online marketer?
    2. Does profit canvas have all the information and knowledge that Brett’s circle has?
    3. Will I ever need to buy another product again if I purchase this one?
    4. Do you see profit canvas being all I’ll (anyone) need in the year 2020?
    5. Is there an afillate program with profit canvas?
    6. Are all bases covered? Is there any secret sauce info left out?
    7. If you don’t mind me asking, how many otos are there, and are they essential to my or anyone’s success.
    8. Do these otos significanty make ones success come more rapidly?

    I know this is a lot, but if you’d could answer them that’ll make a world of a difference to me.
    Thanks for your patience, Luis


      1) No it does not. You need drive, determination, motivation, a good work ethic, and the ability to think long term. No one can give you those things. Either you have them or you dont.
      2) Yes
      3) Of course you will. I buy products. Every business needs tools. Asking this is like a garage owner saying, ‘if I buy this wrench set will I ever need to buy anything again’. The answer is the same. Yes, eventually you will need a tool for your business that you don’t have.
      4) Unfortunately I cant predict the future. See #3
      5) No
      6) If you even think there is such a thing as a ‘secret sauce’ in the internet marketing business than your in the wrong mindset already.
      7) No I dont mind you asking. There are 0 OTO’s
      8) This is a pointless question since your last question asked if there where OTO’s and your very next question assumes there will be, and asks about the OTO’s without even waiting for an answer.


    Dear Brett,

    Inside ProfitCanvas, we can find under SOFTWARE (with re-seller, giveaway, white label rights).

    Just wish to clarify, does this mean we can:

    1) Rename or rebrand the plugin (if we wish to do so)
    2) Resell it at any price point we want (from $1 to $100 to any amount)
    3) Give it away FREE as a special bonus packaged with other front-end products (if we wish to do so)

    Please kindly correct me if I misunderstood or misrepresent it. I am a newbie in this industry. Appreciate your work and guidance. Thank you.


      Yes 🙂 Though if you rename / rebrand it you will have to change the contact info in the plugin, and do your own support
      .. because if people message me about some plugin I never heard of, since you changed the name, I wont know what they are talking about.


    Boa noite Brett comprei prontificanvas estou amando esta fantástica ferramenta, mas por estar os tutorias em inglês fica difícil, mas estamos utilizando esta maravilhosa ferramenta

    mas tenho uma duvida é uma licença por quanto tempo pois eu não vi tal informação

    desculpe como disse não sou bom no inglês sou brasileiro e sei muito mal o meu idioma!


      Luiz, the tutorials are in English because that’s the only language I speak 🙂 I actually had to use Google to translate your post so I could answer. Im glad yo like the system though. Licensing is going to depend on which account level you purchased.


    Brett, love your site! Is there ANY chance you will offer the White Label version of this again in the near future? (pretty please with sugar on top?)

    Thanks for considering!

    ~ Paul

    Mike Hanneman

    You apparently like to be blunt, so I’ll be blunt. Tell me about the training you provide that “reliably makes you $20000 to $50000 per month online”. Are these free or paid methods?

    These “everything-and-the-kitchen-sink” products make us all feel warm and fuzzy inside, but are usually sorely lacking in one crucial area: GETTING TARGETED TRAFFIC

    The sales page states that Profit Canvas is for those of us who are “too new” with “no experience”, so how detailed is the training on generating traffic? Suitable for us lowly newbies? I have the drive and the work ethic to use Profit Canvas to the fullest. But I don’t have deep pockets for paid traffic generation.



      They are both free and paid, and yes they are quite detailed. However you should not buy Profit Canvas, its not for people looking to get rich over night, its for people willing to put in the effort and make the sacrifices required to be a success. Honestly, I have spoken to thousands of people Im quite a good judge of character, and from this message, you don’t seem like a person who is going to put in the effort required. You seem like the kind of person who is not even going to try much, then is going to blame me for your failure. Given that I would prefer you just saved us both the trouble and not grab this.


    Hello Brett. Looking to purchase profit canvas. Question about the webinar platform…is everything run on your servers? Is there any delays on speech and chat features? I assume this isnt used on google hangouts? Thanks much brett


      Yes everything is hosted on my servers.
      Yes the webinar system uses hangouts / and FB live , and yes there is a 30 second delay. But that really does not matter given that a webinar is a presentation not a conversation.


    For questions using chat .30 seconds is a long time. I also heard that hangouts is being phased out for youtube “live”. Ever changing tech! is there screen share with yours or a way to have someone monitor chat during presentation? Thanks


      No disrespect but that comment makes me think you have never run a webinar .. when you have dozens of people asking you questions all at the same time .. you will be a few minutes behind answering on your own. The delay wont even matter and yes there is a chat, that is in real time. Of course if you feel that PC’s webinar functionality wont suit your needs, simply don’t use it, webinars are just a single tool in the PC toolbox.


    No offense taken…been on enough webinars though! I want to use this for a network marketing product I am promoting…so you are probably very much correct!


    Hi Brett, I love your no bullsh1t attitude. I can see why you are so successful as there are many marketers out there that just want a quick buck. Is this training/software updated since you first set it up.


    That’s a shame Brett. Oh well. Thanks for your honest reply


    I do I was kinda hoping you would to. Insert smiley face and hits buy button


    Hi Brett there is a difference between the squeezematic vs profit canva on the page builder related or both do the samw works building any type of page. If i buy profit canvas is necessary to buy squeezematic.

    Andrew Visney

    Hi Brett, I bought your Profi Canvas software which I like very much. I’m 73 and have bought a lot of programs which were duds. What I like about you is you cut the crap and come right to the point. I set up my squeeze page went over to facebook to boost my ad. Wondering if there is a new facebook policy because I can’t seem to post my squeeze page url to a photo I’m using in the ad. When clicking on the photo it goes to the next page showing the same photo and some info to the right of photo. I know I followed your video instructions as how it is done. I could use a little help here please.

    Also I am trying to find the click bar gold sales page so I can monetize my opt ins.

    Thank you very much


    how does this compare with Group Traffic Profits


    Brett, such a smartass in these replies. haha I love it!
    I purchased Profit Canvas, about done with all the training videos and all I got to say is, I feel like I ripped you off. Lots of awesome training and software in there. Plus, the training is soo detailed. Any other products you recommend, throw it at me!


    Hello Brett , does this integrate with your mailit plugin?
    Thank you

    shain sha

    Hello Brett,

    I want to know if I buy here profitcanvas ,will I get the developer license so that I can use them for others?



    Hi Brett,

    I have been trying to buy Profit Canvas but an error code keeps coming up on Paypal. Is this product still for sale?



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