Google Analytics to Monitor Website Traffic

Google Analytics is a no cost analysis tool which provides you with details about the origin of your website visitors, the pages they look at, the amount of time they take to look, and most of all – how they discovered your website (if they looked it up on Google or used your exact URL to type it in their browser or clicked your link from another site or email, etc.) and if from Google Search, the keywords they were looking for when they found you.

Why Bother Analyzing traffic? You can figure out which of your website's pages is receiving the highest amount of traffic, and then discover why visitors are drawn to those pages. Tweak or revise the pages that are not receiving as much attention.

Discover which referrers (sites that send people to your site) are creating the most traffic, and you can decide if you may possibly introduce little changes to your site for more visibility on them.

Do other people's sites contain your ads and banners? You are able to look to see how well your campaign is running.

Time can cost you valuable cash. If you notice that you have been working on a traffic building method that is not accomplishing too much, you can quit spending your time, or find out where the error is so you can fix it.

Learn which keywords receive the highest ranking. Do your homework and replace ineffective keywords with better ones.

Discover which pages hold your visitors' attention the longest and their bounce rate. The bounce rate is the amount of people who leave your website without looking at content other than the page they arrived upon. For most websites, it's a good sign when people stay to read more of your posts and content before they exit.

Source by Stephen Grisham Sr.

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