Free Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is simply the task of publicizing your site, blog, or business using a variety of different strategies on the internet. Some of these are paid services, such as AdWords or AdBrite, but many are free to those who are smart enough to find and use them.

Some internet marketing methods that will not cost you a dime include:

  • Comment posting. Go to other blogs like yours, or go to your competitors' sites. There are almost always opportunities to comment on posts, join forums, or review or rate a product. When you do this, you are invited to enter your URL. Other readers will see that you know what you're talking about and be attracted to your site.
  • Affiliate marketing. There are thousands of businesses who are willing to share their advertising dollars with you if you will provide them with a host for their ads. This is a win-win situation; everybody gets something. Even your viewers get access to products and services through your affiliates' ads.
  • Link sharing. If there's a site out there that's enjoying some popularity, write to the webmaster and ask if they'd like to exchange links. They can put your site on their links page, and you'll return the favor. Yes, they are your competition, but it does not hurt anyone if you both get new viewers.

Of course, you have to make sure that once you get people to your site, you've got the kind of good content that makes them stay, and return later. But doing the things listed above will ensure that over time, more and more traffic will find its way to your site.

Source by Mark A. Abrahams

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