Affiliate Elite – Read the Review Before You Buy

Brad Callen's new software program, Affiliate Elite, is a frequent topic of conversation on many forums and other internet marketing venues. It is hard to do a search for the word "affiliate" without finding some mention of this program. But as any seasoned internet marketer knows, most programs promoted are garbage being peddled till they wear out after receiving the owner's a nice fat profit so naturally I was a bit cynical when I first heard of this program.

Affiliate Elite software (here after "AE", like many keyword tools analyzes Google and MSN to find niche keyword markets to turn into a lucrative revenue stream. Adword Analyzer has been around for several years now and many people were quite satisfied with it, I was not one of those people. I can recall as clear as day reading the sales page and quickly bidding over the $ 80 for the program. copy did not function properly, so I emailed site support; well after two weeks and 20 emails, and no reply, I returned it. , I talked to several friends in the affiliate world who had purchased the software, after hearing their positive opinions I decided to give it a try. The $ 170 price tag and reoccurring monthly membership of $ 40 seemed quite steep to me, but I always set aside some of my net income to try new programs so I figured "what the heck".

Well earlier, as you remember, I mentioned Adword Analyzer, and away from the token similarity of keyword research, as far as I am concerned these programs have nothing in common. I say that because of the AE software's ability to analyze what keywords your competitors are using, how much they pay, and if they convert. If you have dabbled in affiliate marketing for even a moment, you know such an arsenal packs a heavy punch in any affiliates war chest. Using the software I was able to analyze the competitiveness Adword bidders on a particular product I was promoting, and before long I was able to beat them. Needless to say both I and my bank account were quite happy with the outcome.

There are other software tools that can perform a similar function on the internet today. The most noteworthy which comes to mind is "RJ Xray", yes I am referring to the much hyped Rich Jerk. I can not speak to the programs effectiveness, because I have never tried it, mainly due to the $ 1400 dollar price tag. I've wasted a lot of money on silly purchases, but I think $ 1400 is ridiculous. From my own research AE and RJ Xray do the same thing, AE at a cheaper price.

Is Affiliate Elite right for you? That depends on whether or not you have the money to spend on the program. Gurus like the Rich Jerk would encourage you to put it on your credit card, but any adult knows that's not a responsible use of credit if you do not have the money to invest in the first place. However, if you feel you can spare $ 170 and an additional $ 40 monthly to potentially make a lot more, then Affiliate Elite may just be for you.

Source by Bill Vecman

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