5 Quick Tips For PC Maintenance

All machines need maintenance for optimum performance. PCs are no exception to this universal law. If you are a veteran PC user, you must have experienced a declination or sluggish performance of your PC over a period of time, no matter how high and good technical specifications and configuration it has. PCs get sluggish and render erroneous performance over the period of its use. At one point of time we start to consider an upgrade to a new system. This fact is frustrating and puts a burden on our personal finances. But what most of us do not know is despite such declining PC performance, we may not need any upgrade at all. With few regular workouts and maintenance tweaks we may be able to get optimum performance from our existing PC configuration.

More importantly, it does not need to be an expert in maintaining our PCs. All you need is to adhere to some simple tips and tricks and the will to keep your PC running! Here are five most important and quick tips for PC maintenance:

Allow your PC a comfortable space

Install your entire PC system in a clean, dry and cool place away from dust and dirt. Dampness, sunlight and dusty environments may cause your PC malfunction due to circuitry problems and overheating. Make sure you have a good cable and power arrangement too.

Guard your PC with reputed anti-virus software

If you are connected to internet and transfer lots of files between your PC and laptop / thumb drives / mobile devices, chances are, your PC is already infected with unwanted files and applications like virus, trojans, worms, spyware, malware etc. All these unwanted elements may actually 'eat-up' your valuable files or at the worst render your PC unbootable. These frustrating events may have severe impact on your job, your finance and your life! Get a good PC security package (anti-virus + anti-spyware / malware) installed. They usually come at a price but the price paid is very much worth. You will also find good anti-virus, anti-malware / spyware programs for FREE on the web.

Delete unwanted files

Lots of temporary and back-up files pile up in your hard disk causing it to delay access times, display errors and may make your PC 'hang'. Get into a habit of cleaning them periodically with the operating system's automatic maintenance wizard or by manual procedures.

De-fragment your hard drive

As days pass, your hard drive map gets more fragmented with files and folders scattering around. All popular operating systems have their in-built defragmenter. You may use this default application or download and run one of many reputed de-fragmenting software available on the web. De-fragmenting will not only make your PC faster, it will minimize the chances of system errors too.

Clean-up Registry

Registry is the de facto 'Blackbox' of a PC where every bit of system information is recorded. Installing and uninstalling software, applications, patches or updates undesirably make the Registry burdened with entries and references. Cleaning up Registry therefore, is essential to achieve speed and avoid errors and glitches. Fortunately there are many FREE and effective registry repair tools available on the web. Be sure to use them at regular intervals.

Source by Mohammad Yousuf

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