The Shocking Truth About "Successful" Internet Marketers!

The truth about some internet marketing "Gurus" is, that they use tricky strategies to get people to buy their "Magic Pills" or "Best Coaching Program" from them. They know how to manipulate, what to say, what words to use just to make people buy from them. They use what it calls – influence and persuasion. And if someone is new to this, it's very hard to not buy their "best" stuff. You can avoid being sold. Be very careful when choosing a training course. They all promise you amazing results, millions and huge success. Just keep in mind that there is no BEST one. There is many strategies how to sell stuff online and you can easily find yourself lost in ocean of opportunities online. To avoid that, I recommend you to choose reputable training course from best and known internet marketers in the world like Ewen Chia, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Dean Jackson, John Reese, Eben Pagan, Russell Brunson to name a few. These people are providing the real value for their customers.

My advise would be, STOP buying new and new useless information from those "Gurus" and better invest your money in to real information from real Mentors. Maybe you will pay more, but the value you'll get, worth it!

The last thing I want to mention here is the easiest and fastest way to make money online is to sell other peoples products. In other words to be an affiliate marketer. Thousand of people these days makes big money that way and they all say that it is the best way to start internet marketing career.

Source by Laurynas Liniauskas

Subtle Email Marketing

Everyday Internet users receive tons of emails telling them to buy certain products or visit particular websites. While these emails arrive in the inboxes of unsuspecting Internet users each day, most of them pay very little attention to these emails. That is because emails which are blatant advertisements are often viewed as spam. Most Internet users have very little tolerance for spam. Reactions to spam tend to range from simply ignoring the emails and having the email addresses blocked from sending future emails to reporting the emails to their Internet service provider for further investigation. We realize many Internet marketers have difficulty keeping their email marketing subtle. Therefore this article will provide some useful information on how email marketing can be kept so so is not viewed as spam.

One of the most important criteria for ensuring your email marketing is subjective and will not be viewed as spam is to provide something of quality to the recipients. This may include insightful articles, interesting quizzes or other useful facts which members of the target audience are likely to find useful. When email recipients realize an email that they received is offering them something worthy such knowledge or information about a particular niche subject they are much more likely to spend some time reviewing the email because they will not consider the email to be spam. In addition to using the creation of this copy to convince respondents that the email is not spam, the business owners can also take advantage of this copy by providing minority advertising. This may include product references in the articles or links to your website through the email.

Avoiding language which makes outrageous claims can also help to keep advertising quite minor. Using superlatives and describing the greatness of specific products is likely to be viewed as blatant advertising. When this happens, it is not likely that website owners will believe there is validity in anything contained within the email because they will believe the entire email is simply one big advertisement for your products or services.

Another way to keep advertising minority when running an email marketing campaign is to only send your email to those who are likely to be extremely interested in your products and services. This is important because when email recipients receive an email which does not reflect their interests at all, they are not likely to take the email serious and may view the email as a blatant advertisement. However, when the email is only sent to those who share a common interest the email looks more personalized. In this case the email recipients are not likely to view every product reference as a blatant advertisement because they understand there is sometimes a need to mention products or services.

Finally email marketing remains subsequent when the content of the email is written as though it is not coming directly from the business owner. The copy may speak about the products and services as though they are being offered by a third party. This make the advertising seem more subtle because it does not appear to come directly from the business owner.

Finally, business owners can help to ensure their email marketing efforts are not viewed as blatant advertisements by keeping reference to your own website to an absolute minimum. Most Internet users often view links from one website to another strictly as an advertisement. For this reason it might be worthwhile for business owners who are marketing an email campaign to keep links to a minimum and to carefully weave these links into even the most quite benign copy. The links should be provided as though they were only included to provide you with an opportunity to learn about the products and not as a way to encourage you to purchase these products. It may be worthwhile to consider hiring a writer with this type of experience to ensure the copy conveys the desired message and has the desired effect on the email recipients.

Source by Brett Schaefer